Mike Edward Cast As Ninja Steel Mentor


Mike Edward has been cast in Power Rangers Ninja Steel in the re-occurring role of Master Dane, per ThePowerScoop.

A New Zealand-based actor, Dane has previously held roles on popular TV shows such as Shortland Street, Spartacus, and even Power Rangers Operation Overdrive where he guest starred as Thor in the episode ‘It’s Hammer Time’.

Edward’s character, Master Dane, is presumed to be this season’s mentor. During the casting process, sides were released for a mentor character under the name Uncle Zane. That name appears to have changed.

Was Zane changed to Dane due to a naming similarity with the character Zhane from Power Rangers In Space? It wouldn’t be executive producer Chip Lynn’s first time making a name change due to fan demand.

In Power Rangers Dino Charge, the Red and Green Rangers were initially named Lucas and Ryan respectively. After fans requested change due to repeat names from past Power Rangers seasons, the characters went on to be re-named as Tyler and Riley.

Fans can follow Mike Edward on Twitter @MrSlightly74.

And stay tuned to Power Rangers NOW as Power Rangers Ninja Steel gets set to premiere on Nickelodeon in early 2017.

One response to “Mike Edward Cast As Ninja Steel Mentor

  1. i think that mick the alien could be the equivalent to Dr Morgan or alpha master Dane will have something similar to captain William Mitchell Tommy Oliver Anubis Kruger, Andrew Hartford, master Mao, doctor k, or keeper i hope keeper makes a return being this series mentor figure for a while.


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