Dino Thunder Legacy Figures Revealed

The next season of figures to enter Bandai’s Legacy Figures line has been revealed: Power Rangers Dino Thunder!

Falcon’s Hangar released listings today for upcoming Legacy Figures based on the Red and Blue Dino Thunder Rangers. This confirms the long-standing rumor that Dino Thunder would join Power Rangers Zeo as part of Waves 4 and 5 of the Legacy Figure line.

Wave 4 (Releasing Fall 2017)
Power Rangers Zeo – Green
Power Rangers Zeo – Yellow
Power Rangers Zeo – Gold
Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Red
Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Blue

Wave 5 (Releasing Late Fall 2017)
Power Rangers Zeo – Red
Power Rangers Zeo – Blue
Power Rangers Zeo – Pink
Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Yellow (presumed)
Power Rangers Dino Thunder – Black (presumed)

Bandai’s Power Rangers Legacy Figure line started in 2016, releasing premium collector’s edition figures of each Power Ranger at a $19.99 price point. Bandai originally announced plans to release a figure for every Ranger ever, with Dino Thunder marking the 5th season thus far to partake in the line.

Images of the figures have not yet been released.


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