Past Ranger Cameo’s Coming To Ninja Steel


Power Rangers from previous seasons will be returning in 2018 for Season 2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel!

In an interview with the Modesto Bee, Will Shewfelt (who plays Brody the Red Ninja Steel Ranger) told his hometown exclusively that “guest appearances of some of the most popular past Rangers” will be featured in Season 2!

While exact names have yet to be identified, filming for Season 2 gets underway January 15 in New Zealand, and lasts until May.

As most fans know, Season 2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel will coincide with the franchise’s 25th anniversary. While specific plans have yet to be announced, many fans expected that the TV show paying homage to previous incarnations would be part of the celebration.

Perhaps details on which past Rangers will make their long-awaited return will trickle out once filming begins, or perhaps fans will have to wait until 2018 to find out.

For now, fans can check out the premiere of Season 1 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel on Nickelodeon January 21. And be sure to follow Power Rangers NOW on Facebook and Twitter for all the latest updates.


108 responses to “Past Ranger Cameo’s Coming To Ninja Steel

    • #BringBackNinjaStorm #BringBackJorgitoVargasJr

      We need to see Jorgito Vargas Jr. as Blake Bradley from Power Rangers Ninja Storm!


  1. Johnny Yong Bosch – Adam
    Jason Chan – Cam.
    Christopher Lee – Andros.
    Blake Anthony Foster – Justin
    Danny Slavin -Leo
    Kerrigan Mahan – Magna Defender .
    Daniel Southworth – Eric
    Jason Faunt – Wes
    Robert Axelrod – Lord Zedd
    Selwyn Ward – TJ
    David Yost – Billy
    Brennan Mejia – Tyler
    Yoshi Sudarso -Koda
    Steve Cardenas – Rocky


  2. Easy.
    Turbo blue.
    Morphin blue
    original morphin red.
    Lightspeed blue
    timeforce green
    wildforce lunar wolf.
    Ninjastorm crimson, navy,
    And samurai
    Lost galaxy blue and original pink
    I can continue


    • I suffer from Parkinson’s disease and sometimes I type things I don’t mehdpansbsu tonsososbauausialnaosdnsgwiiejsbais disjsiasgsba shaiwoehs ssuqoauwvav


  3. #BringBackAndristina (you know, Andrew M. Gray & Christina Masterson) as the real Red & Pink Sky Couple, Tremma.
    #BringBackDaviSantos &
    #BringBackClaireBlackwelder in at least a 2hr-TV Movie Team Up Special.


  4. I love this show so much I am in to it now and I can’t believe that there is a gold ranger that just join the team and power rangers are the gold rangers biggest fan cause they like the way a fights and I want to see more episode keep them coming power ranger ninja steel and like I said keep the episodes coming and make them New.


  5. Aaaw maslahlah pleeeeez read the three qul suras on ur self ur hubby and esra to prevent evil eye shes beautiful ur hubby is so gentle wth her she looks like a little kitten tiny nd cute i miss the cute little baby noises thy make


  6. Sounds cool. I hope that the Alien and Ninja Storm Rangers show up due to their motif being the same as the Ninja Steel ones.


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